New to raising and sending invoices? Here’s a quick guide to ensure you include all of the info required by the customer, HMRC and your own business. 

Include the word ‘Invoice’ 

First and simplest of all, make sure the document is identified with the word ‘Invoice’. This way, the recipient can instantly see that it’s an invoice rather than a receipt, quote or credit note. 

Invoice number 

A unique reference number must be created for each invoice, with a sequential numbering system being the most popular approach. For instance, INV-001, INV-002, INV-003, and so on. This enables both you and the client to keep a clear record of your transactions. 


The invoice should include the date it’s being issue, the date the goods or services were supplied (optional), and the date when payment is due. 

Payment terms 

Even though you’ve included a date for when the invoice is due, it’s a good idea to also include payment terms that have been agreed with the client beforehand. A common example is ‘Payment due within 30 days’. 

Business information 

The name of your business as well as its logo, postal address, contact information and company number (if applicable) should all be clearly visible. 

Customer’s information 

The company name and address of the customer should also be included. 

Purchase order number 

If the client has provided you with a PO number, this needs to be added to your invoice for mutual reference. 

Description of services 

Each product or service delivered should be briefly described and allocated its own line. It’s also a good idea to note the quantity supplied for each item, even if it’s just one of each. By putting each product/service on its own line, you can provide a clear cost breakdown for the customer’s benefit. 


If your business is VAT registered, each product/service line should include the VAT rate being charged, as well as the total amount of VAT at the bottom. You must also include your company’s VAT number. 

Ask us about Xero 

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