Accountancy and finance come with a lot of administrative work, which isn’t only important but also a legal requirement.  
To ensure that your business is following best practices at all times, a company secretary possesses a wide range of duties, all of which are focused around precision, timeliness and compliance. 

What does a company secretary do? 

Due to the nature of the role, a company secretary needs to be proficient in finance, governance, corporate law, business strategy and corporate administration. They also advise the directors, management team and company board on any changes, updates and actions that need taking. It’s a highly skilled role, which means that hiring an in-house company secretary can prove very expensive. 

What are the benefits of having a company secretary? 

When you hire a company secretary, a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. As part of their role, they ensure the following: 
All records are maintained to the highest standard and made accessible whenever required. 
All statutory compliance measures related to your business are factored in. 
Difficult language surrounding legislation is simplified and explained clearly. 
All compliance standards and filing deadlines are adhered to at all times, preventing fines, unnecessary audits and prosecution. 
Regular security checks are carried out to ensure that no fraudulent activity is taking place within the company. 
Recruitment, company restructuring and service diversification benefit greatly from the knowledge and expertise of a company secretary. 

Why is outsourcing the best solution? 

As with all other accountancy tasks, outsourced company secretarial services come with multiple advantages: 
Immediate access to a skilled professional without a lengthy, time-consuming and often costly recruitment process. 
You only pay for the time spent on your company’s administration, simultaneously removing the costs associated with annual leave, public holidays and sick leave. 
The skill set of the individual is guaranteed, as they’re a member of our team who has all of the knowledge, experience and training required to deliver exemplary service. 
We cover the costs of additional training and the attending of valuable industry events. 

Get in touch  

Taking on our company secretarial service has the potential to transform the way you do business, all while keeping up to date and compliant with regulatory requirements. To find out more, call our Northern office on 01482 235575 or our London office on 0207 885 0605. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will get back to you right away. 
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