As our name suggests, TreyBridge Accountants provides the highest calibre of outsourced accountancy services to sole traders, limited companies, partnerships, start-up businesses and charities. Through precise and in-depth accounting, we ensure that you have everything you need to make key business decisions with clarity and confidence. 
Whilst our accountancy services are highly flexible and designed to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses, we also provide a more specialist offering when required. This is in the form of forensic accounting, which takes accountancy to a whole new level. 

What is forensic accounting? 

Forensic accounting combines advanced accounting tasks with auditing and investigative skills to uncover any errors, discrepancies and unusual activity within your financial accounts. Through meticulous analysis, we can identify any problems or unexpected activity that is damaging your business or holding you back from achieving your goals. 

Why would a business need forensic accounting? 

It’s crucial that you know without a doubt that your numbers are right. We’ve been approached by multiple clients who run businesses of all shapes and sizes because they’re worried that their accounts are incorrect. It’s often a case that someone else manages their accounts, such as an in-house member of staff, another accountant or possibly someone else, and they’ve noticed that the numbers being presented to them either don’t make sense or sound suspicious. 
This is where forensic accounting comes into play, as we have the knowledge, expertise, tools and resources required to intricately study your financial accounts and bring any issues to light. 

Forensic accounting and fraud 

Sadly, sometimes a company’s accounts will have issues due to illegal activity. This could be in the form of fraud or embezzlement that has been cleverly disguised, effectively hiding the trail from the business owner. As a result, forensic accounting is used for tracing funds, identifying assets, and creating a clear picture of transactions over the course of months or even years. 

Who uses forensic accountants? 

Forensic accountants are regularly employed by the police, government agencies, banks and insurance companies as a means of identifying suspicious and illegal financial activity. However, they’re also hired by sole traders, companies and not-for-profit organisations in order to analyse data, determine whether fraud has been committed, and provide detailed evidence in the form of reports and presentations should the case go to court. 

Are you confident your numbers are accurate? 

If the answer is no, we’re here to deliver exceptional forensic accounting that will enable you to gain control over your finances and have all of the information you require to move forward. 
If the answer is yes, TreyBridge Accountants can still help your business through outsourced accounting, which will help you to cut costs, maximise efficiency and run a more profitable business. 

Ask us about forensic accounting 

If you’re in need of a forensic accountant, call our London office on 0207 885 0605 or fill in the contact form below. 
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