Here at TreyBridge Accountants, we continuously improve our services to ensure we can fulfil the needs of our clients. One area in particular that has received multiple enquiries is our credit control service, which can include chasing late payments and helping to avoid your business taking on customers with poor credit scores. To facilitate this, we’ve recently celebrated becoming a Chaser Partner. 

What is Chaser? 

Chaser is the number one accounts receivables management software in the UK. It provides innovative automation tools that are designed to streamline and simplify the process of managing and collecting payments from customers. This clever technology can automate various tasks associated with accounts receivables, making the process more efficient and accurate. The result is a much smoother process when it comes to chasing overdue invoices, giving your business the peace of mind that late payments aren’t forgotten about. 

How can Chaser software benefit my business? 

Thanks to this partnership, TreyBridge Accountants can now offer a wider array of services, as well as a deeper level of delivery. Here are some of the benefits that come with us being a Chaser Partner: 
Improved cash flow: Automated accounts receivable management can help you to collect payments more efficiently, ensuring a steady stream of cash into your business. 
Save time: Chaser can automate repetitive tasks, such as sending payment reminders, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities. 
Reduce manual errors: Automation can help to minimise human errors in tracking invoices and communicating with customers. 
Customisable templates: Chaser offers customisable email templates for payment reminders and follow-ups, helping your business to maintain a professional and consistent communication style. 
Notifications and alerts: Receive alerts for important events, such as late payments or customer interactions. 
Easy integration: Chaser can be seamlessly integrated with accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks. 
Customer relationship management: The software includes features to help you maintain positive customer relationships whilst pursuing overdue payments. 
Compliance: As with all of the cloud accounting software we use, Chaser ensures compliance with financial regulations and best practices in credit control. 

Save time and money with Chaser 

Chaser software is helping businesses like yours to optimise the way they work. Here are some examples of how the software could benefit your operations: 
15+ hours saved each week: Save time on manual receivables processes so you can focus on other tasks. 
75% or more reduction on Days Sales Outstanding: Your accounts receivable solution that reduces overdue balances in the first 3 months. 
54+ payment days saved: Get paid faster with accounts receivable automation software. 

Features and benefits 

We highly recommend Chaser to businesses of all shapes and sizes, as its tools are so easy to use: 
Automate your payment reminders in a personalised, human way so that you can dedicate your attention to your core business activities and growth. 
Use customisable templates and workflows to automate your credit control process whilst still reflecting your brand's unique voice. 
Whenever your customers receive an invoice reminder email, it will appear that it’s directly from you, so they'll always know who to contact. 
After payments are received, an automated thank you message is automatically sent, so you can continue to enhance your customer relationships. 
Easily attach invoices and customer statements to speed up payments. 

Get your payment reminders seen instantly with SMS payment reminders 

Chasing invoice payments using SMS is an effective and efficient way to improve payment collection and cash flow: 
Increase engagement with your customers: Payment reminders via SMS have a higher open rate than other forms of communication, so your payment reminders are more likely to be seen and acted on. 
Speed up customer response and payment times: SMS messages are typically read and responded to more quickly than emails or phone calls, which means you can receive payment faster. 
Save on costs related to chasing payments: SMS can be less expensive than other forms of follow-up like phone calls, which can help reduce costs associated with chasing for payment. 
Personalised text message payment reminders: Your SMS payment reminders can be personalised with your customer's name, the amount owed, and the due date, making them more relevant and engaging. 
Automatic SMS payment reminders: Your SMS payment reminders can be set up to be automatically sent out at predetermined intervals, which can help save time and ensure consistency in follow-up. 
Mobile-friendly payment reminders: SMS payment reminders are designed to be easily readable and actionable on a mobile device, as many customers may prefer to use their smartphones for payment-related tasks. 

Reduce credit risk with up-to-date reports and alerts on your customers 

Chaser also offers real-time credit risk insights, which will help you to make more informed decisions about who to extend credit to and how to protect your business from customers with poor payment behaviour. 
Identify credit risks early and protect your business: Reduce the risk of extending credit to customers who may default on payments, and improve and protect your cash flow with credit checking in Chaser 
Reduce the need for multiple credit tools: Automatically pull credit reports and credit scores, reduce the need for manual credit checks, and streamline the approval process - directly from the same software that automates your receivables process. 
Make more informed credit decisions: Gain valuable insights into a customer's credit history, payment patterns, and overall financial health, and make better decisions about whether to extend credit or not. 
Enhance your customer relationships: Ensure that you are extending credit to customers who are likely to pay on time. This can help build trust and improve relationships with customers, leading to repeat business and referrals. 
Credit risk monitoring and alerts: Assess the creditworthiness of potential customers before extending credit, and monitor and manage every customer's credit risk with alerts. Reduce the risk of extending credit to customers who have a history of defaulting on payments, and help prevent bad debt losses. 
Check credit scores: Get the credit score of your customers as a numerical representation of an individual or organisation's creditworthiness. Credit scores are based on factors like payment history, credit utilisation, length of credit history, and types of credit used. 
Get credit reports: Chaser credit reports include information about the individual or organisation's credit history, such as outstanding debts, payment history, and credit utilisation. 
See how your customers are paying at a glance with payer ratings: Understand your customer payment behaviour instantly, and tailor and improve your receivables approach with ease. 
Prioritise effectively: Find out which customers are most likely to pay you late, and who you should follow up with first. Instantly identify problem accounts without the need for additional reports or tools, and gain clear insights into your payer's behaviour before adjusting their credit limits or using debt collection. 
Segment and optimise your follow-up approach: Easily group customers based on their payer rating as ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘average; and use different follow-up approaches tailored to their payment behaviour. Segment and avoid bombarding good payers with unnecessary additional follow-ups. 
Avoid doing business with bad payers: Payer ratings can help you avoid doing business with bad payers in the future by assessing their credit worthiness prior to extending credit. Poor payment habits can easily be identified by their 'bad' payment history, and credit limits can be reduced accordingly. 
Keep track of your customers' payment behaviour: You can significantly reduce collection times by segmenting your customers based on their payment behaviour. But understanding your payer's behaviour isn’t straightforward. It takes into account how they are paying now, how they have paid in the past, and estimates how they will pay you in the future; no quick task for an already-busy finance team. 

Make it easy for your customers to pay you with payment portals 

Chaser enables you to get paid on time by making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you through a payment portal. 
Remove most barriers to payment by including a secure payment portal link in your invoice payment reminders. 
Provide your customers with a customer billing portal, where they can monitor their accounts payable and pay you instantly. 
Providing payment links in your invoice reminders makes it easy and convenient for customers to pay without having to navigate to a separate website or system. 
Embedding payment options within an invoice reminder email reduces the time it takes for a customer to make payment, speeding up the payment process. 
Payment links help reduce errors in the payment process, as they can pre-fill details like the payment amount, reducing the risk of input mistakes. 
Make it convenient for your customers to pay you by giving them access to a dedicated payment portal in every payment reminder. This reduces your admin time as you don't need to send (or resend) invoices. 
Offer your customers multiple digital payment options, making it easier and faster for them to complete outstanding payments owed to you. Use our payments tools to offer flexible payment methods. 
Provide your customers with a self-service customer payment portal so that they can make payments and view, in real time, how much they owe you and when payment is due. 

We make the transition quick and easy 

If you’re interested in sophisticated debt chasing and financial management software for your business, we can set you up with Chaser in a fast and stress-free way. 
Connect Chaser to your accounting system: Chaser integrates with all popular accounting software, so you can sync your data and save time on manual credit management. 
Automate your accounts receivables process: Send automatic payment reminders, track payment behaviour, and give your customers more options to pay. 
Add payment links into your invoices: You can embed payment portal links directly into your invoices, so your customers can pay with just a few clicks. 
Stay on top of your accounts receivables: With automatic reconciliation and real-time updates, you always have the most up-to-date data on your accounts receivables. 

Get paid faster with Chaser 

Interested in adding Chaser software to your cloud accounting setup? For more information, call our Northern office on 01482 235 575, our London office on 0207 885 0605 or fill in the contact form below. 
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