If you’re a regular traveller for business purposes, it’s highly likely that you spend a lot of time on trains. While there are several good websites and apps available for you to book your journeys through, one of the best available is Trainline, especially its smartphone app. Simple to use and featuring a sleek and attractive design, it’s a must-have feature on your home screen. 

Simple receipts 

Gone are the days of having to keep physical train tickets in order for your accountant to log them against your expenses. The Trainline app emails you a receipt as soon as you’ve booked a journey, which includes downloadable PDFs of your tickets. Even if you accidentally delete the email, you can go into your account at any time and download your receipts.  
Make sure to claim every penny to remain tax-efficient all year round. 

Live features 

The Trainline app refreshes constantly with live updates, including platform numbers and journey progress. If you’re halfway through a trip and need to check what time you’re due to arrive, or you’re worried about delays causing you to miss your connection, simply pop into the app to check where you currently are and how long it wil be until you reach your destination. 

Digital tickets 

There’s nothing worse than boarding a train and realising halfway through that your tickets are nowhere to be seen, leaving you with no other option than to beg for the ticket inspector’s compassion and hope that they don’t fine you. Fortunately, the Trainline app contains digital versions of your tickets, eliminating any fear of that little slip of green and orange card escaping your back pocket and leaving you stranded. 
Once your tickets are booked, the Trainline emails you PDF versions that you can download onto your devices. However, you can also access them through the app itself, which is even easier. We recommend doing both, as that way you can load your tickets even if you lose your connection. 

Helpful notifications 

If you’re the type to get distracted easily when booking and often forget to check for special offers and useful information, fear not! With the Trainline app, you can activate pop-up notifications to inform you of key updates as soon as you visit the booking page. 
Letting you know about route changes, delays and booking fees, as well as offering handy tips on how to use the app itself, these notifications provide a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. 

Share journey details 

You can easily let people know your ETA or give them the details of any upcoming travel plans by sharing your journey info through the Manage My Booking function on the app. 
You can even share a link to live journey updates via text message, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other communication platforms, effectively keeping staff and clients in the loop. 

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