Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives nowadays and it can sometimes feel impossible to keep on track. However, with the marvels of technology available to us, there are more tools than ever to help us get by. Let’s have a look at some of the best apps out there that can help with time management. 

Toggl Track 

Toggl Track is a nifty little app that lets you record time spent on tasks, then it sends you regular reports and displays analytics to help you understand where your time is going. Toggl is also great for freelancers and businesses who sell their time, as it lets you input different projects, clients and even billing rates. It’s a very effective tool for understanding and improving your workflow. 


Flora is a unique and gamified time management app designed to combat procrastination. The general gist is that you plant seeds when you start working on a task, then they grow into plants and trees if you stay on the job without minimising it. 
Eventually, you’ll grow a thriving garden to reward your efforts, with extra incentives like discovering new plants or even planting real trees. You can also bet on yourself by pledging real money that’ll be taken from your account should you fail to stay on task – but don’t worry, it all goes towards Flora’s tree planting initiative. 


Similar to Toggl Track, RescueTime will help you to analyse how you spend your time and determine what distracts you. It’ll track how focused you were on tasks, how long you spent looking at other tabs, and it can literally block access to distracting sites to keep you on task if you want it to. 
It has smart features too, which analyse your working day to recommend an optimal focus period, or notify you when you start getting distracted or multitask too much. 


This is a clever tool for managing to-do lists, which is another important aspect of time management. It lets you create your basic to-do lists and hierarchical lists, as well as subtasks and dependencies between tasks. When you add due dates and dependencies to your tasks, MyLifeOrganized will automatically generate you a to-do list based on what it determines to be your priorities, helping you to better manage your time by working on the essential jobs first. 

Trello and Microsoft Planner 

These two apps are wonderful tools for keeping track of several projects at once in a very visual manner. Tasks can be assigned to cards, colour coded, given a due date, have notes and files attached, then displayed on a visual board for you or a whole team to see. 
Tasks can be set to ‘in progress’ or ‘complete’ and assigned to certain members of the team if suitable. It’s a smart yet simple way to manage workflow for several projects and people in one place. 


Let’s not forget how much time a nice and easy file sharing system can save. Dropbox is a favourite because the basic version is free, plus it’s easy to use, and secure. Being able to share documents between people and devices at the drop of a hat can save valuable time, especially if you find yourself moving around a lot or working from home. 

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