Here at TreyBridge Accountants, we pride ourselves on being pathfinders rather than history teachers. What does this mean? Well, instead of simply going through what you’ve already spent, we also help you to plan your company finances for the future. 
From how you spend money over the next few weeks to long-term financial control, our cash flow management service always brings a strong return on investment. 

What is positive cash flow? 

If you’re receiving more cash than you’re paying out, this is positive cash flow. If it’s the other way around, it’s negative cash flow. Needless to say, you want your business to consistently achieve positive cash flow, as it comes with multiple benefits. 

You won’t run out of cash 

The most obvious benefit of positive cash flow management is that your business won’t run out of cash. This means that you’ll always a positive bank balance, which brings unparalleled peace of mind to any business owner. On top of this, you won’t be paying fees for going into your overdraft, which saves money in itself. 

Your staff will always be paid on time 

One of your largest outgoings will surely be payroll, which is also a business-critical activity. Without your staff carrying out their roles to the highest standard, your business operations will soon grind to a halt. 
Positive cash flow ensures that your business always has money in the bank to pay its people on time, every time. (By the way, we can also manage your payroll for a very affordable fee.) 

Need to buy something? No worries! 

What does your business require to continually perform at optimal efficiency? It might be raw materials for manufacturing your own products or stock for selling from store shelves. Alternatively, your business may provide services that are dependent on subscriptions to Microsoft 365, Dropbox, and other online platforms. 
Whatever the case, positive cash flow facilitates business continuity by giving you the funds to pay for everything you need to deliver your best work. 

Lower your costs and prevent overspending 

Professional cash flow management from TreyBridge Accountants is a highly precise and extremely proactive service that really gets to the heart of what your business is spending. Our finance specialists will analyse your outgoings and help you to find more cost-effective alternatives, plus we’ll let you know about any tax-efficient schemes related to your business, such as R&D Tax Credits and the claiming of vehicle expenses. 
The result is a dedicated cash flow management service that quickly pays for itself through lower monthly costs and greater control over your finances. 

Alleviate the stress 

If you’re finding that your finances are causing you to feel confused, worried or overwhelmed, we’re here to help. Many of our clients have told us that our cash flow management service doesn’t just improve the financial health of their business, as it also benefits their personal wellbeing. 

Grow your business 

Having money in the bank thanks to powerful cash flow management gives you greater freedom when it comes to growing your business. Whether it’s a case of recruiting more staff, moving into larger commercial premises, investing in new equipment, taking out membership to a networking group or anything else that requires capital, you’ll have the cash available to make it happen. 

It’s time to talk about cash flow management 

Like the idea of cash flow management that brings complete peace of mind? To find out more, call our Yorkshire office on 01482 235575, our London office on 0207 885 0605, or fill in the contact form below. 
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