Here at TreyBridge we’re as passionate about business advisory as we are about accounting. That’s why we share a wide variety of content that’s designed to grow your business and bring top results. After all, the stronger your strategy, the healthier your cash flow. 
This time we’re looking at the importance of having a professional website and why investing in an expert is a savvy move. 

It represents your business 24/7 

Even when you’re done for the day, having a weekend off or enjoying a well-earned holiday, your website never stops doing its job. It’s there to provide everything people need to find out more about your business, explore products and services, engage with content and make an enquiry. If you don’t have a reliable website in place, you’re automatically sending your target audience toward a competitor. 

Time-saving information 

Sometimes people will visit your website just for the most basic info, such as contact details, street address, social media links and opening hours. This is when they either know about your services already or definitely want to get in touch, so your site should give them everything they need in a jiffy. Think of it as a really efficient secretary who never sleeps. 

Build credibility and trust 

You may have the most efficient, trustworthy and capable company that ever existed, but if a stranger hasn’t worked with you before they won’t know this for certain. This is where your website comes to the rescue yet again, as it serves as a portfolio that highlights your strengths, achievements, ethos and methodology. From case studies and testimonials to your vision and values, they all play a core role in establishing trust with potential customers. 

Engaging content 

We come across a lot of businesses that have fantastic websites, yet they’re very rarely updated with new content. Effective content can take many forms, with a regularly updated blog being the most popular example. Take it as an opportunity to share valuable insight, timely updates related to your sector, staff accomplishments, and behind the scenes snippets that represent your company culture. 
Aside from engaging your visitors on a deeper level, fresh content also enhances your SEO (search engine optimisation) and can help you to improve your Google ranking. 

Audience insights 

Connecting your website to Google Analytics is an excellent way to monitor traffic and find out which pages and blog topics are the most popular. You can also see where your visitors are based, their average duration on the site, how many pages they visit in one session, and other metrics that can be used to fine-tune your communications strategy. 

We recommend It’seeze 

It'seeze have done an incredible job with the TreyBridge website. As soon as it replaced the old one, our traffic not only increased in terms of volume but also quality. This resulted in more enquiries from people who are looking for accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, credit control and business advisory services, which is exactly what we had in mind. 
If you’re interested in a new website that’s as affordable as it is awesome, get in touch with Nic and Sarah at It’seeze

Grow your business 

We help business owners to achieve sustainable growth through budgeting, forecasting, cash flow management and more. To get started, fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will get back to you right away. 
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