There are currently a lot of text messages being sent out that claim they are from HMRC. If you receive one of these, make sure to remember that HMRC never contacts business owners or anyone else via text message, so this is sure to be a phishing scam. 
Phishing scams are constantly being distributed via text message, email, phone call, WhatsApp message and social media platforms. Though it only takes a moment to click a link or “conform” confidential information, it can utterly destroy a business from the inside out. 
We appreciate that you have a busy schedule but please remain vigilant at all times, as phishing scams are designed to steal secure data, distribute malware and damage businesses in increasingly creative ways. 

Let us know if you receive a phishing text 

We’re dedicated to reporting phishing scams. Whether it’s a text message claiming to be from HMRC, a suspicious email that says it’s from your bank or anything else that sets off alarm bells, let us know about it by calling our Yorkshire office on 01482 235575, our London office on 0207 885 0605, or by filling in the contact form below. 
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