It’s true that the larger and more complex a business becomes, so too do the administrative and regulatory tasks associated with its smooth operation. That said, even small companies and start-ups at the beginning of their growth journey have a lot of duties when it comes to statutory and compliance requirements, so having a specialist on your side is an investment that pays for itself from day one. 

What does a company secretary do? 

When you take on a company secretary, you need to know that they can effectively tackle a wide range of duties and deliver them to the highest standard. Their skill set has to include the following in order for their work to remain precise and consistent: 
Proficient in all things finance 
Skilled in governance, corporate law and business administration 
A finger on the pulse of the latest developments in accounting, legislation, compliance and the wider economic world 
Acutely aware of your company’s mission, ethos, short-term goals and long-term vision 
Confident in offering honest, practical and insightful advice on your ongoing business strategy 
When you consider all of the above, which are absolute must-have attributes, we’re sure you’ll agree that being a company secretary is an incredibly technical and demanding role. 

How do they work within the company? 

A company secretary also needs to be invested in your company’s financial health, perpetual growth and overall infrastructure. As a result, part of their role is to advise the company directors, management team and the board if applicable of how the company is performing. 
This requires two mind sets that work in unison with one another: first, a commitment to understanding the ins and outs of the business and explaining changes in clear terms; second, a passion for providing realistic advice on how to overcome obstacles and reach new milestones. 

Why outsource to TreyBridge? 

Due to a company secretary requiring advanced skills and nonstop familiarisation with the latest legal and financial developments, it can be very expensive to maintain an in-house position. Luckily for companies across the UK, the team at TreyBridge Accountants offers the highest calibre of company secretarial, only without the hefty price tag. 
We already have the knowledge, experience and training required to deliver this intricate service, removing the costs of the initial recruitment process as well as any associated with long-term professional development. Our job is to keep on top of the latest systems, procedures and regulations, eradicating the risk of your company falling behind with new laws, taxation, government initiatives, administrative systems and regulatory compliance. 

Only pay for what you need 

As with our accountancy, bookkeeping and tax management services, company secretarial is charged on a customised basis. This means that you’ll never need to pay for anything more than what you need, plus you can say goodbye to having to costs linked to annual leave, public holidays, sick days, parental leave and so on. This makes outsourcing to TreyBridge a highly cost-effective solution, as we also cover the costs of any additional training and the attending of industry events. 

Find out more 

Company secretarial through TreyBridge Accountants will keep you profitable, operational and compliant, all while future-proofing your business against the ever-changing legal and financial landscape. Call our Yorkshire office on 01482 235575 or our London office on 0207 885 0605. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form or start the conversation with Aaron on LinkedIn
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