There are many actions you can take to maximise employee engagement and wellbeing, with paying staff on time surely being the most crucial and effective. On top of making them feel respected and valued, reliable payroll means that your employees will never receive their wages late and have to deal with personal cash flow problems caused by your business. 
We're proud to provide outsourced payroll on any scale to sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and not-for-profit organisations, which ensures that your employees, contractors and freelancers are paid on time, every time. 

Save time and money with outsourced payroll 

Did you know that outsourcing your payroll can actually save your business money? That's because we only charge for the time we spend managing your payroll - no more paying for breaks, bank holidays, annual leave or absence, not to mention the periods between crucial tasks being completed. 
If you're currently doing your payroll yourself, outsourcing it to the payroll managers here at TreyBridge will also free up multiple hours in your schedule. This time can instead be spent doing what you do best - growing your business and delighting your customers.  

Payroll requires absolute precision 

Payroll isn’t just about making sure that every member of staff is paid what they’re owed. It also involves managing annual leave, statutory sick pay, National Insurance contributions, maternity and paternity leave, working hours, National Living Wage, individual tax relief, auto-enrolment into pension schemes, and total adherence to all UK employment legislation. 
We're sure you'll be pleased to hear that we do all of this for you and keep everyone on the same page. As a result, your payroll will always be 100% accurate and compliant, helping you to run a strong business where people want to work.  

Reliable data security as standard 

Managing payroll involves a lot of personal and confidential information, which absolutely must be protected around the clock. This requires sophisticated digital security systems in order to prevent fraud, data breaches, embezzlement and other activity that can destroy the reputation of your business. 
We store, monitor and safeguard your payroll data using the world’s leading cloud-based systems, giving complete peace of mind that every piece of information is safe and secure. This means no risk of data loss, theft or misuse, as everything is safeguarded at all times. 

Logging expenses is so straightforward 

As well as managing your payroll, we also help you and your staff to log expenses without any stress. Apps like Dext are a great way to record receipts as soon as you receive them, plus software such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage are designed as much for ease of use as they are for achieving total accuracy. 
As part of our service, we can train you in how to use this browser-based software and its associated apps, allowing you to remain in control of expenditure and have access to your accounts from anywhere around the clock. 

Avoid fines from HMRC 

The submission of inaccurate and late payroll information can result in hefty fines from HMRC, plus employees retain the right to sue their employers for incorrect or consistently late wages. There’s simply no need for this to happen, so get TreyBridge on board to manage your payroll and you’ll never receive a penalty. 

Grow your business with TreyBridge 

We help business owners to achieve sustainable growth through payroll management, bookkeeping, credit control, cash flow management and more. To get started, call our Yorkshire office on 01482 235575, our London office on 0207 885 0605 or fill in the contact form below. 
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