Can you remember what you had in mind for your business back in January 2020? Whatever your vision was, it’s almost certain to have panned out differently due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
During this time, many businesses have struggled whilst others have prospered. This is of course due to disparity of both access and demand – some retailers have found it difficult to meet sales targets even with the availability of online shopping, whereas companies that provide cloud computing systems have seen an influx of new customers due to the prevalence of home working. Every business is different, so we adapt our services to suit you on a personal level. 

We’re here to help 

The accounting, tax, payroll and business advisory specialists at TreyBridge understand that 2021 may be proving just as difficult or perhaps even more of a challenge than last year. Conversely, you may be seeing increased sales, new recruits and unexpected windows of opportunity. 
Whatever the case, we’re here to help you strengthen your business model, cut down on unnecessary costs, adapt to the new normal and set ambitious yet achievable goals. The result is greater confidence in making key decisions, a more thorough understanding of how your finances work, and healthier profit margins thanks to a financial specialist giving your accounts the attention they deserve. 

Is your cash flowing? 

Even before the pandemic reared its ugly head, we focused a lot of time and energy into ensuring that our clients understood the importance of budgeting and forecasting. If your outgoings are too high, it can really put a spanner in the works of service delivery and business continuity. 
Many small business owners think that larger companies automatically have good cash flow, but this is often proved to the contrary. Put simply, you need to have a higher amount of money coming into your business than what’s going out, which we can help you to achieve through a variety of customised services. 

Are you making the most of tax-free schemes? 

There are many initiatives designed to help businesses save on tax. Ranging from R&D Tax Credits to the Tax-free Childcare Scheme and business vehicle expense claims, there’s plenty that can be done to cut down your tax bills. Even remote working comes with money-saving benefits, as aside from reducing travel costs you can also claim £6 a week simply for working from home. 

We value wellbeing 

Finances, sales, tax, wages, cash flow – it can all be really stressful and takes a lot of work. Many small business owners do their own accounts because they think it will save them money, whereas in actuality our tailored services are designed to cut down your costs and increase your profit margins. 
Just as crucially, we’re modern, proactive and caring people. We don’t send you unintelligible spreadsheets and documents full of gobbledegook, instead we listen to your concerns and aspirations, offer honest and practical advice, use no-nonsense language, and play an active role in lessening the anxiety that often comes with running a business. 

Let’s talk 

Perhaps the tier system will remain beyond 2021, or maybe normality will resume sooner than we think. Either way, being prepared for any eventuality is the hallmark of a successful business owner. To future-proof your business, give us a ring on 01482 235575, fill in our contact form or connect with Aaron on LinkedIn
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