Hackers, malware, ransomware and phishing scams have been around pretty much since the internet was invented, yet the level of sophistication involved is increasing with each year that passes. 
In order to protect your company data (everything from staff records and sales figures to your website and social media channels), you need to constantly have in place a variety of practices designed around digital security. 
One of the simplest actions you can make is to change all of your passwords and make them impossible to guess. Your employees also need to know that they should never click on a link within a suspicious email and to report it to the IT manager before deleting. 
Meanwhile, regularly erasing your browser history and cookies removes your digital trail, which makes it harder for cyber criminals to access your data. 
There’s also a number of affordable and effective online security solutions out there, including: 
Antispam for emails 
Antivirus software 
Data encryption 
Multi-factor authentication 
Remote data backup 

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