Cloud accounting is no longer just for large companies and organisations, as it helps even the smallest and newest businesses to keep track of their finances, navigate their numbers, and plan for sustainable growth. Whether you’re a self-employed plumber, launching a start-up business, work for a not-for-profit organisation or sell handmade products on Etsy, we’re here to help you apply cloud accounting to full effect. Read on to discover the many benefits that this clever software has to offer. 

Access your accounts from anywhere 

The modern workplace can vary enormously these days. Some people have commercial premises and others work from home. Some want the ability to upload and monitor invoices and bills whilst on the move and others enjoy the freedom to check their cash flow whilst relaxing on a beach during a well-earned break. 
Whatever your needs and preferences, cloud accounting software such as Xero comes with a handy and easy to use app, allowing you to stay in control of your business finances no matter where you are in the world. 

Precision is an investment in itself 

The old-school method of bookkeeping is very much a thing of the past. All of that paperwork was not only difficult to access, it also took up a lot of space and could easily become misplaced or damaged. Cloud accounting is different, as you can find everything you need in mere moments. 
Perhaps you want to check how much you charged a customer for a particular project or make sure that you logged that receipt for lunch with a business contact last week. Maybe a client is asking you to send an invoice again because they accidentally deleted it, or you might need to know right there and then who is still due to pay you this month and how much it comes up to altogether. 
Cloud accounting software enables you to check all of this and more from a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone throughout the day and night. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go! 

Digital security is more important than ever 

Hackers, malware, phishing scams, ransomware and other online threats are more prevalent than ever before. Don’t be fooled into thinking that no one would target your business because it’s too small, new, niche or local – cyber-attackers search for these types of businesses in particular because they’re less likely to have effective digital security systems in place. 
Thankfully, Xero and similar cloud accounting software is fully encrypted and protects your confidential information around the clock. Through passwords and multi-factor authentication, you gain the peace of mind that would-be data thieves can’t get their hands on your financial figures. 

Run a paperless business 

Tired of mountains of financial documents that require paper and printer toner? Cloud accounting software removes the need for all of that paperwork, which aside from saving you money in office equipment and stationery also means you can run a greener business. 

Ask us about Xero and other cloud accounting software 

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