Apprentrices can help you to expand your client base and run a more profitable business. But it’s not all about improving your cash flow, as apprentices can offer so much more to your business and its ongoing growth. 

Gain fresh perspectives 

Young people have their finger on the pulse when it comes to consumer trends, social behaviours, new technology and methods of communication. By taking on an apprentice and inviting them to share insight with your existing team, you could very well be helping your business to engage with younger audiences more effectively. 

Increase productivity 

Apprentices can be given a wide range of tasks in order for them to get a feel for how a business works. It’s not a case of them making photocopies all day, but it’s perfectly acceptable for them to help out with administrative jobs alongside their main duties. This will also help them to get to know the wider team whilst achieving greater levels of productivity across the board. 

Obtain specialist skills 

New apprentice roles require interviews just like any other position, which gives you the opportunity to find people with skills that your business is lacking. For instance, you may be looking for people with customer service experience, an understanding of engineering techniques or a background in computer coding, so all you have to do is make these desirable qualities clear in the advert. This ensures a high quality of applications and the successful candidate can hit the ground running. 

Give something back 

From mentors to consultants, there will surely have been people who helped you to start your business and get where you are today. Welcoming an apprentice into your organisation is the perfect way to pay it forward and help to shape the next generation of business leaders. It’s a wonderful feeling and hugely rewarding. 

Lower your recruitment costs 

Okay, this one is money-related too but we didn’t want to miss it off the list. Recruitment can be a very expensive, lengthy and stressful process, with many roles failing to be filled within the allotted timeframe. By taking on apprentices, you gain instant access to enthusiastic individuals who are eager to learn and prove their worth. 

Acquire exceptional talent 

This may sound similar to the previous point but it has a very different slant. It’s likely that you’ll keep some apprentices on as full-time members of staff once they’ve gained their qualifications. Some of them could remain with your company for a very long time, even becoming C-level executives as the years pass by. You never know where your next marketing manager or HR director will come from. 

We speak from experience 

TreyBridge Accountants has its very own apprentice. Hannah Page (pictured above) joined us in September 2020 and she’s doing a marvellous job of looking after our clients. We honestly don’t know what we’d do without her, as she’s the perfect example of what an apprentice can bring to a business. 

Find out more 

We offer bespoke business advisory services designed to help you achieve efficiency and cut down costs. For an insightful chat, call our Yorkshire office on 01482 235575 or our London office on 0207 885 0605. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will get back to you right away. 
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