We’re all familiar with the idea that sitting for long bouts can be harmful to our health. Lots of us spend the majority of our working week sitting behind a desk at work or at home, which does no physical good for any human being. Sedentary lifestyles cause far greater risk of health issues, not to mention an annoying host of back problems and joint issues. Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can look after ourselves to reduce this impact on our wellbeing – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a gruelling hour in the gym every morning. 

Standing desks 

Now, although the impact of a standing desk has been somewhat popularly overstated, they’re trendy for a reason. No, you won’t burn any significant number of calories by remaining upright, but you will certainly see an improved posture, reduced back pain, and be more inclined to walk around, which is great for staying healthy. 
These days, it’s recommended to strike a balance between sitting and standing, as this prevents varicose veins that can be caused by being on your feet for too long. 

Take frequent breaks 

Repetitive strain is one of the most common issues for workers who sit glued to a computer all day. Taking regular breaks to go for a little wander, chat to a co-worker, stretch your leg muscles and break up the day’s monotony is a simple measure to take against the sedentary lifestyle. Don’t underestimate the positive impact that a little walk every now and again can have on your health. 

Handy gadgets 

Technology can be used to achieve amazing things. Crack out the Fitbit, Apple Watch or one of their many alternatives and start looking after your health the 21st century way! The little nudges of encouragement these devices give us to get up and move around are surprisingly effective at setting up healthy habits. 
Aiming for the daily goal of 10,000 steps is a great start, and it’s surprising how determined you can become when you see how few steps are remaining before you each your daily goal. 

Ergonomic workstations 

Unfortunately, many workplaces are so poorly designed for human beings. If you’re spending eight hours a day at a desk, make sure you’ve got a chair with proper back support, your monitor is at the right height and distance to look at without tilting your head, and you can reach your keyboard with forearms parallel to the floor, without having to shrug your shoulders. Get your desk set up properly and your musculoskeletal system will look after itself. 

Get exercise in wherever you can 

Even the tiniest of efforts like taking a minute to stretch, touch your toes, wiggle your fingers, or do some wrist exercises can all add up and look after the various joints and muscles negatively affected by sitting all day. 
Try working towards those step goals by going for a walk on your lunch break, or taking walking meetings if possible. If you’re really determined, you could try some proper little workstation exercises like seated leg raises or chest openers. Anything you can do to get the body moving and the blood flowing will definitely help. 

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