As a team of dedicated accountants, payroll managers, tax consultants and business advisors, our mission is to help all kinds of businesses navigate their financial numbers and plan for sustainable growth. Whilst some of our clients are sole traders and start-ups looking to free up their time, others have been in business for years and reached the point where they require an accountancy practice that aligns with their specific needs and goals. Sam Hollis Web Design is a prime example of the latter. 

A little about Sam Hollis Web Design 

Sam Hollis has been committed to making websites generate business for their owners since 2017. Passionate about the crucial role that good web design plays in brand awareness, lead generation, two-way communication and sales, he always starts by asking “What is the purpose of this website?” 
Everything else flows from that one question, with the appearance, content and functionality of the website designed around the user journey and the expectations of the client. 
Sam’s unique combination of design, marketing, writing and avoidance of technical language has proved to be very popular with his customers. This has led to ongoing growth, with the business now having specialists in all of these areas working together to provide websites that really deliver for their owners. 

Gaining clarity, confidence and control... 

“I knew Aaron Gilmore through networking,” said Sam. “I got in touch with him because my old accountants were making a hash of things and I wasn’t happy with their services. Each time I met with them, the meetings were about fixing errors and they never actually knew my numbers – the accounts were a mess and I decided enough was enough. That was when I contacted TreyBridge Accountants to see what they could bring to my business.” 
Since then, TreyBridge has been providing bookkeeping, tax management, general accountancy tasks and invoicing services to Sam Hollis Web Design. We even have our own email address through the business, ensuring seamless integration and smooth communication with its clients. 

The power of regular meetings 

“We also meet on a regular basis to go through the management accounts,” said Sam. “TreyBridge don’t feel like an outsourced provider, as they function as my accounting department and the numbers are always very clear. I now have a good idea of where my business is and how to take it forward, which was never the case with my old accountant.” 
Here at TreyBridge, we encourage our customers to have monthly or quarterly meetings in which we discuss key changes and money-saving opportunities that need to be addressed. Due to the regularity of these catchups, which can be in person or via phone call or video meeting, a business owner never loses track of where their business stands and maintains the ability to make strategic decisions. 

Planning for a bright future 

“Now that I can see the bigger picture and plan for growth based on solid numbers, everything is so much smoother,” added Sam. “I also know that when I’m looking for additional services such as payroll management or credit control, TreyBridge will be ready and waiting. My business continues to expand its reach and having a dedicated accountancy team by my side makes the process smoother than ever.” 

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