The outsourced accountancy specialists here at TreyBridge Accountants are available to manage your accounts in full, taking a massive job off your monthly to-do list. 


The most common form of accounting is bookkeeping, as this covers all of your invoices to clients, bills from suppliers, receipts obtained by you and your staff, and any other common financial transactions. The role of an experienced accountant is to oversee all of this activity, which requires a keen eye for detail as much as it does vast amounts of time, knowledge and patience. 
Bank reconciliation is a core element of bookkeeping, as this ensures that every transaction is accounted for to the penny. This way, your business accounts will exactly match those reported by your bank, proving that everything has been accurately logged. In the event that there’s a difference between the two balances, we work out where the problem lies and rectify it immediately, resulting in your books being clean, precise and compliant. 
We then prepare your company returns so that you, your bank, HMRC and any other parties are on the same page at all times. 

Management accounts 

We can create detailed management accounts, which show exactly how your business is performing and identify areas that can be streamlined and improved. As well as providing total clarity in all areas of your finances, this also helps you to run a more profitable business that's equipped for sustainable growth. 
Make sure to also ask us about our monthly or quarterly management updates, as these are tailored to your needs and goals, providing you with the tools and knowledge to grow your business even faster and with total confidence. 

End of year accounts 

End of year accounts are created annually so that HMRC, Companies House and any shareholders can see exactly how your business has performed over the last year. 
Your end of year accounts will include all income, expenditure, assets and liabilities, as well as provide a crystal clear overview of how your business works. Aside from being a legal requirement for limited companies, this process is also an extremely useful tool for the business owner, helping to fine-tune operations and improve profitability. 

Payroll management 

Paying your employees even one day late or an incorrect amount can cause all kinds of unnecessary problems. In fact, delayed wages are a primary cause of workers seeking new employment, as it can greatly disrupt their personal lives and result in them feeling undervalued. 
We provide outsourced payroll services of the highest calibre to businesses of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that your staff are always paid when they should be. This also saves you time and can even reduce your costs, as in-house payroll is more expensive than our highly flexible and affordable service. 

Business advisory 

As well as dedicated accountants, bookkeepers, payroll managers and tax planners, we're also your trusted business advisory specialist. 
We work with sole traders, limited company directors, partnerships, trusts, entrepreneurs, start-ups and registered charities in Newcastle on a daily basis, helping them to make their day-to-day operations run more smoothly. 
From budgeting, cash flow forecasting and business planning to overcoming specific obstacles standing in your way of achieving key milestones, we're ready to take your organisation to the next level. 

Get in touch 

To find out how TreyBridge Accountants can manage some or all of your accounting tasks, call our Northern office on 01482 235575, our London office on 0207 885 0605 or fill in the contact form below. 
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